Twitter at risk of the shutdown in Pakistan

Twitter at risk of the shutdown in Pakistan

Recently, the Pak­istan Telecommuni­cation Authority (PTA) informed the Senate Standing Com­mittee on Cabinet Secre­tariat asking the social media sites to block objectionable content in Pakistan.

On Wednesday, Facebook, YouTube and the social media sites have accepted the request from the Pakistan government. But Twitter does not.

Nisar Ahmed, Director-General of PTA's Internet Policy and Web analysis said that “Out of a hundred requests from Pakistan to block certain offensive material, roughly five per cent are entertained. Twitter ignores all the remaining requests”.

After that, The Islamabad High Court (IHC) gave the directive to the regulative body to send the final notice to the Twitter asking that respond to the request from Pakistan otherwise the company has to face the risk of being blocked in the country.

Mr.Ahmed said that "The PTA has conveyed the court’s concern to Twitter but has not got a response. The regulatory authority will implement court orders if Twitter does not respond to the final notice".

He also added, "The court is determined to teach Twitter a lesson they will lose business."

By this Twitter is at the risk of being blocked in Pakistan.

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