The Inspirational Story behind PUBG Game

The Inspirational Story behind PUBG Game

In recent time the game PUBG got viral all around the world. The PUBG - Player Unknown's Battle Ground is an online game that makes every player as an Armed force. It gives more self confidence to the players to defend themselves. We all know the game, but most of us don't know the story behind the game.  

Rest of the article will tell you the most interesting and the inspirational story.

Before that a quick glance about the game PUBG - Player Unknown's Battle Ground and how to play the game. PUBG is an online game with a hundred players around the world. It has three game modes for the players such as solo, duo and squad. The players jump onto an island, and they have to kill the players except their squad members. The whole idea of the game is who alive at the end of the game will be the winner.  

Let us get into the story of the man behind the idea of the PUBG game.

Mr Brendan Greene creator of PUBG - Player Unknown's Battle Ground was born in 1976 in Ireland. He is from a regular middle-class family. He has grown up as a pretty quiet child with the average knowledge. From his childhood,  he likes to be alone and more interested in photography and playing games.

On a pleasant day, a girl came into Greene life and proposed his love.  It was quite surprising to him, the girl accepted his love and they married. After their marriage, they went to Brazil where he got a job as a wildlife photographer also captures images for the company needs and used to give ideas to the web designing. He doesn’t know how to code. But he knows to visualize the website design by his creativity.

At that time he was satisfied with what he had.  But still, his love for the gaming does exist. But a 30 years old man spending more time playing the game is not a good thing.

One day his wife got the divorce from him and also he lost his job. He gets back to Ireland from Brazil. He felt that was a very tough time in his life and he was so depressed.

“The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.”

As the above quote, he didn't give up. He has done what he likes to do and what he knows.

He didn't have a job and lives with the pension money given to the unemployed people by the Ireland Government.  He started learning to code on the internet and created more games and published for free of cost.

Many were appreciated his games. The Sony company noticed his talent and signed a contract with Greene for giving his creative ideas to the team. He was worked in Sony, but he doesn't get any recognition for his work. He was not so happy with his work.

On a nice day, he received a message from a man who also has an interest in gaming and they shared their love of gaming. Greene didn't think that this conversation would be a life-changing one. Mr Kim CEO of video game company Bluehole is the one who had the conversation with Greene.

Mr Kim knew the talent of Greene and invited him to work for his gaming company. They commenced to develop a game with 35 developers and they fixed the deadline of one year. They wanted to build a game with more interesting factors like players from various players can involve, can have interaction between them. They build the game with more inscription, at the end of the year they successfully launched the game PUBG - Player Unknown's Battle Ground in the unknown player was the Brendan Greene, one who was the first player of PUBG.

The PUBG game became more viral among the people all over the world, and now it breaks the record of the most downloaded game in the world. He never thought that he become a millionaire.

As Brenden Greene, Everyone have a talent, that may not be unique but that may be a thing which we used to do in a daily life. Do get demotivated for the things which does not done for you.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can”.

Who knows today you are reading the article about Brenden Greene, one day everyone will read the article about you.

So keep working on what you have, what to know and one day you will definitely get the pay for it.

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