Tapzo shut down taught remarkable lessons to entrepreneurs

Tapzo shut down taught remarkable lessons to entrepreneurs

Tapzo, is an aggregator platform, which was founded as Akosha in 2010 and it was renamed much time. Tapzo allows the users to access more than 35 apps which includes Amazon, Flipkart, Ola and Uber. It provides several services and allows the customers to make payments like data card recharges, mobile bills and to order food, book cabs and bus tickets. 

Recently Amazon acquired Tapzo the "All in one app" to advance the Amazon Pay in India. It spends $40 million for the acquisition, After the deal completed with Amazon, Tapzo has announced that 2018 October would be the last operational month for the Sequoia-backed company. Tapzo Failing to raise follow-on capital. In addition, the Tazpo asked the users to users to pay the cash balance and digital gold through the email. And for this, it fixed October 31 as the deadline. The company founders and its team have joined the team Amazon Pay in Bengaluru.  

The journey of the Tapzo would be a lesson for the entrepreneurs, the startup which tries to work on u Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Machine Learning (ML). The startup must have the three factors includes focus, clarity and consistency which are most important to the sustain in the business and to succeed.  

But somewhere Tapzo missed those three factors. Though it raising its capital ($33.5 million and three pivots), the Tapzo had failed to found a permanent business case. Every time the company has mishandled to find out the right business model to sustain.  

The shutdown of the Tapzo showed that the raising the capital will be easy but sustaining in the right path will more difficult. 

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