Scare your friends with this simple hack technique

Scare your friends with this simple hack technique

Do you think hacking is not so easy and it's illegal to do? 

Yes, you are right it is illegal to do but not all the time. There some people who are having the hacking as their profession and they hack for some cost and they are called as ethical hackers. 

But it is not necessary to be a hacker or ethical hacker to prank our friends. In this article, you are going to learn some simple hacking technique that everyone should try just only to prank your friends.

Scare your friends on Facebook!

Most of you now think that this method was old and maybe most of you already know this method,

But let me tell you that we have made this article just for Newbies who don't know this method.

Prank your friends by posting the status that actually shows off as something unusual happened with Facebook or any other social networking sites.

Today we will show you how to post such status using Zalgo, the free online text generator! 

We are not gonna use any type of facebook app to make your friends scary

Follow the below steps to get the scary text status:

1. To create your own scary status update Visit Zalgo text generator.

2. Enter the text that you want as the status into the first text box, it will automatically convert into scary looking text into next text box. Make use of options to redefine generated text, such as height, pattern.

3. Copy down the code and paste as the status on social networking sites!

Note: You can also use the same method for Twitter but it has tweet limit of 140 characters. So reduce generated text such that it will be fit into status limit!


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