How to earn 6 crores without doing nothing

How to earn 6 crores without doing nothing

There is an idea to make 6 crore Rupees in 6 months

Step 1: Launch a Smartphone in Rs. 250 and say that its a Make in India initiative.

Step 2: Get Free media attention and feature in BBC and India today.

Step 3: Create a website and take pre bookings for phone to be delivered after 6 months. Get Rs. 145 crores for 50 lakh bookings.

Step 4: Deposit Rs. 145 crores in bank and earn interest of Rs.6.5 crores in 6 months.

Step 5: Return Rs. 145 crore to customers as you are unable to deliver the phones. Go Backpacking throughout the world.

Resource/Via: https://goo.gl/UieAkV

Image Credits: YourStory

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