How to host a website in decentralized blockchain using Bitcoin cryptography and BitTorrent network?

How to host a website in decentralized blockchain using Bitcoin cryptography and BitTorrent network?

In this article we are going to learn how to host a website in

decentralized blockchain using Bitcoin cryptography and BitTorrent network.

In the internet world, every information on the internet is stored on the centralized servers.

Before, Knowing how to host the website in the decentralized network.

We should know about the decentralized network, centralized network and what is blockchain?

In a Centralized network, there will be a server which acts as central point of the network. The server must be a central hub where every data that we send over the network l pass through that server before it reaches the receiver.

Whatsapp is one of the real-time example which works on the centralized server. Every message that we send through the Whatsapp messenger will first reach the whatsapp server and then it will send to the receiver. 

Decentralized network is peer to peer connection it doesn't need the central point. The data send over the network will directly reach the receiver. There is no fixed topology for this network.

The blockchain eliminates that and stores the data in the decentralized servers that is it will not be stored in a single server instead of that it will create a peer to peer connection. 

The data in the blockchain does not rely on a central server. So, this makes our data more secure. 


In this article, we are going to learn about How to host a website in decentralized blockchain using Zeronet? 


Zeronet is a decentralized server of peer-to-peer users. It is a fully open source project. To make the decentralized it uses BitTorrent and Bitcoin Cryptography.

A normal website that needs a centralized server to access or download. but the Zeronet hosts the website to a peer-to-peer network like the torrent. There is no hosting cost and it is free. 

To host your website in decentralized blockchain network follow this below steps. It just only takes 5 to 10 mins, Seriously.

Step 1: Go to ZeroNet website

As a first step, Visit the website https://www.zeronet.io

Step 2: Download ZeroNet Package (exe file)

In that, you can see the download button. To host the website we need to configure the ZeroNet. By downloading and extracting the package will install the ZeroNet. 

Step 3: Extract the ZeroNet zip file.

Now extract the downloaded zip file to a folder, the zip file will only be around 10 to 15 MB

Step 4: Install ZeroNet.exe

Now go to extracted location and you'll find ZeroNet.exe in it.

Double click and install that file to continue the process.

Step 5: Hooray!!! Your Decentralized Server is ready!

Now your decentralized server is ready to host. This as simple as eating honey. The Control Panel will automatically opened in ur default Browser Screen.

Step 6: Now Create your own site in ZeroNet

Go to menu in left side Navigation bar and select Create new, empty site

Step 7: Now your site space is ready!

You will be redirected to your new webspace, below image shows the default values present in your new empty site.


is my site address.

Step 8: To Upload your own site files

Go to ZeroNet folder, then go to data

Step 9: There you will see the sites folder

Here my key is 16J6aYF6oUTBR5rYnYtWYmjUegGSvhYURW

Step 10: Cuztomize your site

Change your html files to your own website files and save

Now open your browser and refresh the website:

Step 11: Publish your site to the public

To Publish, Click and drag the 0 button in the right corner of your site

Now you'll see a the network map,

Step 12: Scroll down to buttom and click Sign and Publish

And now you can share your site address to everyone. 

Congratulations, Your new decentralized website + server is configured and published successfully

Share the site address to your friends and

Start using decentralized websites.

Note: On the client end also the zeronet package need to be installed then so they can view your and other Decentralized websites contents

Some interesting Advantages of hosting the websites in the Decentralized servers:

  • No need to configure. Installation is easy and simple download the package and extract it and Open ZeroNet.
  • It is totally free. No need to spend cost for website hosting.
  • It stored the data in the decentralized network that is peer-to-peer network rather than storing data in a single centralized server.
  • No Password requires. Your website and your account will be secured by the cryptography which is same as the Bitcoin Wallet.
  • It will work anywhere with and without the internet.
  • Does not restricted for any browser, modem or device. It will run in any platforms such as Windows, Linux and Mac. 
  • Can hide your IP address easily the Tor Network.
  • Your site will be works even when your network connection is down.
  • It is more fast than the centralized servers websites, because it uses BitTorrent Technology Peer-To-Peer system like a torrent. So that the page response time won’t limited by the network connection speed. 
  • Real-time updation - ZeroNet will update automatically update the websites from the last used. And the owner of the site can also be update manually. 

Thank you,

Dynumic Team.

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