7 Tools every Startup should use to be successful [2018] 

7 Tools every Startup should use to be successful [2018] 

Being a startup it will not be so easy to become successful in their business and to sustain in the business market. A Survey tells that most of the startups fail despite continuous efforts. In this competitive world, it became necessary to have very good and strong digital promotions for your brand. For this, the startup must plan the strategies from day one.

Here there are 7 tools which the startups must use to become successful in their business:

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a free website analytics service offered by Google, which gives your website analytical report. As a startup, you should know your audience and their activities on the website.

Adding the Google Analytics code on the website that allows you to track your visitor's activities and the origin of the site's traffic. Being a startup knowing your audience and what they are expecting from your site will be most helpful to develop the business in a successful way.

Collecting the data is very important in the marketing. The Google Analytics tool works on that perfectly.

Website: Google Analytics


In the world of global competition among the startups, it would be more and more difficult to bring a competitive edge. So you should stand out from the crowd to impress your targeted audience with the most beautiful and creative designs. The designs will definitely help to promote your brand in social media and to get more engagement to the site through your posts, logos and flyers.

Canva a graphic design tool website, which can able to make the perfect design of your business logos, flyers, banners, posters that looks professional. Canva allows users to design in the simple and more professional way. The creative and innovative designs make the people engage with your designs and contents. This tool is available with a free to use the option that offers a lot of features and templates. 

Website: Canva.com

Tawk to:

Tawk to a free live chat app that will act as a bridge between your customer. It helps to connect with your customer through the online chat. Tawk to will also monitor your visitor's activities. As a startup, it will be more expensive to maintain a paid live chat tool. For those startups, tawkto is very useful and it comes with more efficient features in free of cost. It comes with a customized page to maintain the activities of visitors and the chats.

These are some features that you can do with tawkto:

Monitor website visitors in real time.

Answer chat from your mobile.

Localize greeting and message in your language.

can integrate with WordPress, Joomla, Magento and etc.,

Website: Tawk.to

Mail Chimp:

To maintain the business in a good way it is necessary to stay in contact with your audience is more important. Email Marketing has the ability to keep your customers informed and reach your customers in real-time and to develop the relationship with them. 

Mail Chimp offers a complete email management that will make mailing much easier. Mail Chimp provides a free package which comes with 40 features that include social media sharing buttons, personalized contact forms, templates for professional emails etc.,

Website: MailChimp


Trello a complete web-based project management application, helps the startup to manage their projects and organize anything through the trello.

It provides:

Information at a glance

work with any team

a productive platform

always in sync

Website: trello


Blogs give you the opportunity to create relevant content for your customers. Blogging result to boosts your SEO by organic. Your unique blogs will distinguish you from your competitors.

Dynumic is an open and free blogging and knowledge sharing site which allows users to spread your knowledge with the world. The user can post their blogs in different categories like:

Technology | AI | Food | Travel | Fashion | Media | Creativity | Science | Business

Website: Dynumic.com


One site that manages all your social media posts. It allows connecting more than one social media accounts. On here, the startup can easily schedule their posts and can analyze the posts.

The buffer is the right choice to maintain all your business social media accounts.

Website: Buffer


An excellent SEO tool and one of the top choice for backlink and content management.

Ahref covers a complete SEO process like:

Organic search report - Research on your organic traffic

Keyword Explorer - Gives a keyword research report.

BackLink data - Checks the backlinks and gives the advanced reports.

Rank Tracker : Gives accurate location specific ranking report.

Website: Ahref


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7 Tools every Startup should use to be successful [2018]