7 Steps to create a decentralized network using piratebox [Beginners]

7 Steps to create a decentralized network using piratebox [Beginners]

This tutorial help you make your own network by decentralized network technologies. This network is completely OpenSource to share your document, ideas, skills, knowledge on free of cost. 

Requirements need for your piratebox:


i) Raspberry pi Zero w

ii) Sd card (min 8gb cls 10)

iii) SD Card Reader


i) Piratebox-OS for raspberry pi zero w

ii) etcher

iii) sd card formater

iv) MobaXterm

Step 1:-

i) Download piratebox-os .

Click the yellow mark and download piatebox DIY os which is suitable for

i) Raspberry pi zero w.

ii) extract the zip file 

iii) insert your sd card to your sd card reader and plug into computer

iv)format your sd card by using sd card formater

Step 2 :-

For SD card Formatter click this link

It will open like this and click download 


Select sd memory card formatter for windows for windows user,

Select sd memory card formatter for Mac download for Mac user and scroll down the page click accept for accept for download sd memory card formatter

It will download on your PC and install the SD memory card fomatter


Now format your sd memory card by using formatter

Confirm your sd card file name and format

Step 3:-

To download Etcher image flash reader for boot piratebox DIY os on your SD card

Now using etcher, write OS in SD card 

After booting it will eject your SD card automatically and now you can take out insert SD card in raspberry pi zero w

STEP 4 :-

i) Insert SD card and switch on raspberry pi board. Now check your wi-fi. connect with piratebox. this one is open source so there is no password 

ii)Download MobaXterm To open ssh teminal in your laptop for piratebox


click download option and download home edition


Unzip the mobaxterm and install 

connect with piratebox wi-fi

Go to command prompt and type "arp -a" to get your piratebox ip address

 Now open MobaXterm and select the session. 

Click ssh icon

Enter the IP address and default port number 22

Now open piratebox ssh and enable all date, time, etc

Login- alarm

Password- alarm

i) After log in you have to reset your password for alarm and root.

ii) Default Password for root is root and alarm is alarm.

iii) Default password for image board alarm is alarm

iv) Now you have to enable time,date, install piratebox, and kareha image and discussion board

Kindly follow the video for last steps...

Now your Decentralized private network is ready!

7 Steps to create a decentralized network using piratebox [Beginners]

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