20 useful websites every entrepreneur should know [2018]

20 useful websites every entrepreneur should know [2018]

In this Internet world, there are enormous websites available on the internet. Sometimes we have to search 100s of the website to get the answers that we need. As a budding entrepreneur, we don't have much time to spend on searching the website which gives the correct answer to our question or our search.  

In this article, we are going to tell about 20 websites that help you to find the answers for your search in every domain.


Trello a complete web-based project management application.

It will help to organize their projects and allows to collaborate with the team or individual. Also using Trello you can track the development process or the task assigned. 

Some of the features of Trello:

  • Information at a glance
  • Work with any team
  • A productive platform
  • Always in sync


The pocket is a website to save your articles, videos or anything that you want to access it later. Pocket allows the user to save from your browser or from more than 1500 apps like Twitter and Flipboard. Once you saved in the pocket it will ready for any time even without the internet.


Some websites ask us to sign in for allowing into the site. After that, it will send some unwanted emails to your inbox. To avoid this kind of email we can use ThrowAwayMail. It generates a temporary mail id the email send to this mail id will be deleted after 48 Hours. 


We are signing into many third-party websites using our Google and Facebook accounts. While sign in using this accounts it may cause risk to our private data. MyPermissions is a web service that discovers who can access your data and alert your 24/7 and allows you to withdraw permission with a single click.

Remember the Milk:

A ToDo App to save reminders and tasks. This app lets you sync the apps like Evernote, Siri, Twitter, Skype, and the digital assistants like Siri and Alexa. By this app, you can also receive reminders through these apps based on your preference.


RescueTime is a time-management app which monitors your web activity and shows you how much time you're spending on websites and apps. This helps to spend much time on a particular website. This app allows you to set the time limit and will alert you once the time limit exceeds.


Wikipedia is an information hub. It has the detailed information on every topic that we want. It is an open source website, in its main page lists the day's news, interesting facts, featured articles, and an ‘on this day’ feature that makes for good readings and the using the contribute option we can give our content in that site.


Dynumic is a website where we can find the latest news about technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, advanced transport, hard science, health and medicine, and robots and machines.

This is an open and free blogging and knowledge sharing site which allows users to spread your knowledge with the world. The user can post their blogs in different categories like:

Technology AI | Food Travel Fashion Media Creativity Science Business

Website: Dynumic.com


TED is started as a conference to spread the knowledge through the 18 minutes talk about Technology, Entertainment and Design converged, and today it covers almost all topics from science to business to global issues in more than 100 languages. 

Big Think:

Big Think, a website to organize and connect information from the internet. It will give us the collection of collection of interviews, presentations, and roundtable discussions with speakers from a range of fields.


An open online learning platform, every course on Coursera is taught by top instructors from the world’s best universities and educational institutions. At the end of the course, e-certificate will be the issue to the participant who successfully completed the course.


It is a forum where you can get the best answers to your questions on saving, insurance, debt, retirement planning, investing, or budgeting. 


It is an information hub, here you can know the do's and don'ts in the business and what are all the common mistakes to be expected from every entrepreneur. This may help to avoid the common mistakes priorly. 


Bloomberg will provide the latest news in Business, the stock market finance, economics, technology, politics, etc. 


An Indian Magazine provides us with the latest business and financial news and analysis. Covering personal finance, lifestyle, technology and stock markets.

Wall Street journal:

The Wall Street Journal is the largest news publication. It mainly focuses on the news about finance, business, and economics. It also has the live updates feature of the world's stock markets and currencies.


Medium is an online publishing platform, which allows the user to write their articles on any kind of topics like art, business and your own blogs. This is one of the effective websites for the bloggers.


Quora is a place to gain and share knowledge. It's a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers.


Glassdoor lets you review about a company and gives more information about the job vacancies and the reviews about the companies. It will also provide the tips for the interviews. The Glassdoor's data is accurate.


LinkedIn is primarily a professional networking website. It helps to connect with the more business people. Also allows finding job opportunities for the employees and recruiters to find the employees. It is a site to establish yourself strongly.

Hope these 20 website will helpful to the budding entrepreneurs for their business development. Make use of these websites in your business activities will definitely reduce you time from searching for the best websites.  

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