11 Best Chrome Extensions for Entrepreneurs

11 Best Chrome Extensions for Entrepreneurs

In this fast world, Most of the entrepreneur spend their time on the internet browsing.  Being an entrepreneur, customizing our browser will help to utilize the time for business growth in a seamless manner.

For customizing your browser, we have come with some chrome extensions which will be definitely useful for your business.

These chrome extensions will assist you with a stable browsing experience.

Save to Pocket - Save anything in one click

Everyone were engaged with some work and didn't have much time to read a full-length article. This reason may not let you stop reading and learning process. So Save to pocket extension is here to save your articles in a single click.

Pocket not only save the article it will save video or anything. It can be combined with the apps like Twitter, Flipboard and etc. It has the offline option too.

MixMax - Fix the meeting, Track, Schedule the mail with a single extension

MixMax is an extension helps in many ways such that

Track the mail - Can track, who opens your mail and when the mail read by the receiver.

Schedule the mail - Can schedule the mail for a particular time, so that the mail will send automatically at the scheduled time.

Fix the Meeting -  MixMax will review your calendar to know on which date and time you are available and that will send to the receiver, after receiving the mail they will choose their comfortable time and finally the meeting will be fixed in both end calendars.

Mail Templates -  Gives the best mail templates.

OneTab - Customize everything in OneTab

Usually, if we are searching for something we didn't stop with opening a single tab, too many tabs were opened in the browser. This may lead to slow down the system's performance.

If you have installed the OneTab extension, by clicking the OneTab button it will make all the tabs into the single list. whenever you need the particular tab you can choose from the list of tabs. This will avoid you from the system slow down and the messy browser.

Evernote - Note Everything

Want to note everything, here the Evernote, an excellent tool for taking notes. Allows the users to easily save the web content from their chrome browser into the Evernote notebooks. Also, it lets you take screenshots and save the PDF.

AdBlock -  No more Ads on the website

Ads on the websites are the most disturbing factor while browsing. But if you are installed the AdBlock extension in your browser, then there is no worry about the Ads. The AdBlock is an extension help to block the Ads contents on the website automatically.

Woorank - SEO Analysis Tool

As an entrepreneur, make the business to be at the top of the search engine is very important.  The Woorank is the best extension which will provide a wide SEO analysis for your website.

It also gives the suggestion to bring the website top in the search engine.

Hootlet - Access multiple accounts at a time

The Hootlet helps to toggle between your social media account. It allows you to access more than a social media account at a time.

By clicking the Hootlet extension button, your content will instantly ready to share in the other account.

Grammarly - Mistake free contents

Everyone is not a writer, and no one writes perfect content without mistake. There may some grammar mistakes will happen while writing. But in the business, it is necessary to make the content as professional and without the mistakes.

The Grammarly will definitely help to check the grammar mistakes in our content and allows you to corrects the mistakes while writing.

Buffer - Manage the social media posts

The buffer will manage all your social media posts. It allows connecting more than one social media accounts. On here, the startup can easily schedule their posts and can analyze the posts.

The buffer is the right choice to maintain all your business social media accounts.

MozBar  - Complete SEO Tool

MozBar is an excellent tool to improve the SEO Ranking. It offers services like keyword research, link building, site audits, and page optimization insights. By using the MozBar will help to increase the ranking of our website in the search engine.

Rapportive - Get connected easily

Being an entrepreneur building our network with other entrepreneurs will help to drive the business in a good way. Rapportive does this by putting the LinkedIn profiles of the email id. If you are installed the Rapportive extension, then it is easy to connect with the people.


All of the above extensions will be helpful for the budding entrepreneurs in their day to day business move. Try all the extension and make your browser more customized.

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